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Dharma Links

So many Roads...So Many Roads, sometimes seems that life is but a dream.

where do our lives go? searching for meaning to the eternal mystery...why? the trouble and trials this life throws at us are of our own design. the road that leads to heaven, nirvana...peace. a life free of suffering.

the dalai lama once said, "everybody wants happiness, no one wants suffering"

here are some valuable links pointing to the unspeakable mysteries of G-D, Yahweh, Brhaman, Krshna, Tao, the way, or one of the countless names of the divine.

om tat sat

hare krshna hare krshna krshna krshna hare hare, hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare

om mani padme hum om mani padme hum
May all beings everywhere
with whom we are inseparably interconnected
be fulfilled, awakened, liberated and free.
May there be peace in this world
and throughout all possible universes,
and may we all together complete the spiritual journey.